2hrs 45mins |  RM450

This package is designed and meant to energize and cleanse your whole body from top to toe and is one of the perfect way to get you ready for that big event on your schedule!

-Footbath (10mins)
-Salt Scrub (2omins)
-Shower & Aromatherapy Steam Bath (30mins)
-Ultimate Aromatherapy Full-body Massage (45mins)
-Ozmosis Deep Cleansing Facial (60mins)



20mins | RM50

Combining the therapeutic effect of moist heat with inhalation therapy, the steam bath helps to accelerate the natural cleansing process of the body, thus promoting an overall well being. Juices and water are available for re-hydration.


30mins | RM100

Using a blend of mineral salts and rose petals, this therapy is designed to soften your skin and relax you after all the stresses of a busy day.



2hrs |  RM250

One of our “pick-me-up” package designed to brighten your day and give you an energy boost. Perfect for those to get away a lil bit from their busy schedule.

-Aromatherapy Steam Bath (30mins)
-Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage (90mins)



 2hrs | RM 350 

This package is meant for those who have muscle problems (ie. soreness, tightness, stiffness, and swelling). Muscles can become very sore through strenuous work outs, or when it’s strained. The feeling is quite uncomfortable. Therefore, to ease muscle soreness, with deep strokes that reach your inner muscular layer to help with knots and stiffness, this package is definitely going to have you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

This treatment is performed by professional therapists in deep tissue massage.

-Aromatherapy Steam Bath (20mins)
-Marine Algae Thermal Wrap (30mins)
-Shower (10mins)
-Deep Tissue Massage (60mins)



2hrs 10mins   |   RM350

Escape into a world of well-being and pampering. This is a 3-step ritual to promote a deep sense of relaxation while leaving you a healthy skin glow.

-Footbath (10mins)
-Salt Scrub (20mins)
-Aromatherapy Steam Bath (20mins)
-Ocean Floral Bath (20mins)
-Ultimate Aromatherapy Full-body Massage (60mins)





2hrs 30mins   |   RM500 per pax | RM 900 for 2 pax

This is a truly invigorating spa package that involves, water, oil and stone. A treatment using the heat of the volcanic basalt stones that travels deep into the muscle, stimulating warm relief and relaxation, followed by an extended aromatherapy full-body massage. A great, unique experience that would help combat fatique and stress, relieving your body from aches and pains.

-Warm Salt Foot Bath (10mins)
-Ocean Floral Bath (20mins)
-Warm Stone Massage (50mins)
-Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage (60mins)
-(Complimentary Collagen Mask & Hand Rejuvenation worth RM 100)

-Aromatherapy Steambath + Body Scrub of Choice (50mins) for RM 125 per pax
-Aromatherapy Steambath + Pevonia Detox Mud (50mins) for RM 180 per pax



3hrs 45mins | RM550

This carefully selected range of treatments are designed to leave you entirely relaxed and invigorated from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Bodily aches are banished, skin deeply cleansed and nourished for a youthful, healthy glow and your hands and feet get a pampering makeover. The Ozmosis Ultimate Indulgence is perfect for those who need to de-stress their mind and body or simply wish for an unparalleled pampering treat.

-Footbath (10mins)
-Salt Scrub (2omins)
-Therapeutic Body Wrap (30mins)
-Shower & Ocean Floral Bath (30mins)
-Ultimate Aromatherapy Full-body Massage (45mins)
-Manicure & Pedicure (90mins)



4hrs 30mins | RM 1,500 per couple  (RM 850 per pax)

Surrender yourself into the hands of our expert therapists and be recharged, revitalised and rejuvenated by our specially designed treatments leaving your body, mind and spirit in a state of total bliss and tranquility. Enjoy five of our signature treatments that are selected to treat and restore your body from top to toe, inside and out. In between treatments, while taking a dip in our rosy floral bath, you may unwind with a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly, chocolate truffles and fresh fruit platter. A hi-tea rack with savouries and dessert will be served after your pampering session.
We strongly recommend this package for the newly weds, or couples who have been working too hard and are in need of some “blissful togetherness” moment. This package also makes a memorable wedding or anniversary gift for your close friends or family members!

-Footbath (10mins)
-Physia Scalp & Hair Detox treatment (50mins)
-Luscious Body Polish & Body Mask (60mins)
-Shower & Rosy Ocean Floral Bath (30mins)
-Ultimate Aromatherapy Full-body Massage (60mins)
-Ozmosis Rejuvenating & Radiance Facial (60mins)

Luxury pick-up and drop-off car service  included in this package. (However, location for pick up is strictly within Klang Valley ie. KL, Bangsar, PJ. For location outside Klang Valley, a minimal charge will incur)

Note: All overseas bookings made are required a booking deposit. To cancel booking, a 72-hour (3-day) notification is required.

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