The Chinese has a tradition of taking pomelo-leaf water bath or shower before the New Year, it is believed that this citrus fruit leave is able to wash away dirt and “bad vibes”.

This Lunar New Year, we have combined tradition with a modern twist.  The pomelo-leaf has an abundant of natural antioxidant; and warmed pomelo leaves bath can help heal swelling, and painful joints. Not only that, this amazing fruit helps with cell regeneration and cell repair, and deals with acne issues. With plenty of antioxidants found in pomelo, the free radical damage has to slow down.

We have devised our Opulence packages with the incorporation of the pomelo fruit. Begin with a zingy pomelo energising scrub, and then dive into the bubbliest of bath infused with fresh pomelo leaves and lemon grass. The fresh smell of these herbs would leave you feeling really relaxed and smelling good enough to eat. Then complete with a relaxing, therapeutic hot oil massage.

This spa experience aims to help dispel negativity and ignite the body’s natural defence systems, leaving you energised and refreshed… and let the Celebration Begin!

Opulence Package
(Available at BANGSAR branch)

1hr 40mins | RM 300 (per pax)

10min Foot Bath

30min Zingy Pomelo Energising Scrub

60min Aroma Hot Oil Massage


TOP UP RM 238 (per pax) 

20min Pomelo leaves infused Lemon Grass Herbal Bath

60min Ozmosis Refresh & Radiance Facial


TOP UP RM 268 (per pax)

60min Ozmosis Refresh & Radiance Facial

75min Classic Manicure + Pedicure

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Oriental Opulence Package
(Available at FRASER RESIDENCE branch)

2hr 45min | RM 500 (per pax)

10min Foot Bath

50min Zingy Pomelo Energising Scrub

30min Pomelo leaves infused Lemon Grass Herbal Bath

75min Aroma Hot Oil Massage


TOP UP RM 208 (per pax)

60min HydraCleanse Radiance Facial


TOP UP RM 168 (per pax)

75min Classic Manicure + Pedicure

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